Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Some of my Orders

I often get orders to make bespoke toys which I love to do. Here are a few of my last orders

This was an order for a 3 yr old girl who had just had to get glasses, her Aunty wanted a toy for her with glasses. The glasses do look a little like a mask, but I wanted them to be soft and stay on as I know how little girls work. She did however cause me problems as I'm a perfectionist and I wasn't happy with how it was coming together, but she turned out exactly how I wanted, so I was very happy.

And this was for her brother, the cutest little dragon

This was a gorgeous order from a lady who had just dicovered me and wanted some things before I left. I just love taking photos of a group of my creations.

And this little guy was for a lady who loved Giraffes and had a theme in her sons room, I was lucky enough to see him get it at the market and he was so happy and it was super sweet.

So these are all Australian orders, I'll be able to do UK orders soon when I'm all settled in. I'm also looking forward to the prospect of doing some more markets in the UK too. It's all very exciting and I'm really looking forward to this new journey. I think I will be opening an Etsy shop at some stage too, and using more of my spare time to my little business.

Emma xx


  1. Wow i am absoultely in love with your work. it all seems so intricate and pretty! I am showing this to my sister who might order

  2. Hello Emma, I couldn't find any email address on your blog that's why I'm writing a comment here. I made two of your giraffe's following your pattern: one for my nephew 3 years ago, and another one last week. I wrote about them in my blog and put a link of your blog because I used your picture before mine was done. Now my blog is in turkish and some of my followers are not fluent in English and wish to use the pattern. I wanted to ask your permission to translate it to turkish and put it on my blog. Of course I will republish a link to your site saying that the original pattern belongs to you. İn all ways thank you very much for the free pattern. The giraffe's turned out to be so cute. Greetings from Istanbul/ Turkey.


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